Blue Mountains Records

Blue Mountains Records

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Includes mp3 player, Online shop for CD and Ticket Sales.

In 2012 we developed an Online Ticketing System, enabling e-Tickets to be scanned at the Entrance, using smart phones and tablets.
The advantage of having your own e-Ticket system, is that you receive your funds at the time of the Ticket Sale, and do not have to pay high commissions to third party ticket processing websites (a potential saving of 1000s of dollars).
It also helps to prevent fraudulant duplication of Tickets, as each barcode is unique and can only be used once.

The only requirement is that there is easy access to a power supply at scanning points (to keep smartphones and tablets charged).

Visible data (live updates) can be viewed remotely from anywhere with a PC, as each ticket is scanned, from various entry points at the Venue.

Below is an Example e-Ticket Blue Mountains Records.

Example e-Ticket Blue Mountains Records


06 April 2016


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